About Me

I love yoga. I love life.  I’m armed with a bucket list and a love for living each moment to its fullest.  I’m just a girl looking to live beyond the surface. To appreciate how wonderful it is to be alive.

  1. Be sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity
  2. Have a published novel
  3. Run the Race For Life 
  4. Live in New York for a while
  5. Attend the New York Film Academy Summer Camp
  6. Stay Vegan for a while
  7. Dye my hair
  8. Become a qualified scuba diver
  9. Learn how to speak: German, Spanish and Japanese
  10. Read all of the Harry Potter books and watch the films
  11. Finish Wuthering heights
  12. Finish Great Expectations
  13. Visit: Japan, Malaysia, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, China, Morocco and America
  14. See Victoria Falls in person
  15. Visit the Taj Mahal
  16. Donate blood regularly
  17. Participate in an Indian sweat lodge
  18. Study different religions
  19. Serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Hopefully/ Maybe. Not sure)
  20. Walk where Jesus walked in Jerusalem
  21. Be kissed at midnight on New Years
  22. Improve my guitar techniques
  23. Play an instrument in a public performance
  24. Decorate my house my way
  25. Get a perfect French manicure
  26. Give away a week’s pay to someone in need
  27. Go a month without TV
  28. Have my portrait drawn or painted
  29. Send a message in a bottle
  30. Be a bridesmaid
  31. Call a friend and tell them how much I care
  32. Be at peace with my life and myself
  33. Forgive myself
  34. Go on a yoga retreat in India
  35. Help somebody accomplish a goal from their own list
  36. Laugh more, be happy
  37. Live for a while where I don’t have to own a car
  38. Stop fearing death
  39. Create scrapbooks of my life
  40. Grow my own vegetables
  41. Have an art studio
  42. Learn Krav Maga
  43. Learn ballet 
  44. Star Gaze
  45. Experience pampering at a spa
  46. Have a clear complexion
  47. Join a gym 
  48. Learn Pilates
  49. Learn Yoga
  50. Drink tea in a traditional tea garden
  51. Take a cooking class
  52. Attend the Sundance Film Festival
  53. Go on a family vacation
  54. Research the origins of my family
  55. Have a speaking role in a film
  56. Know someone famous
  57. Attend a club or a rave 
  58. See a romantic movie with a box of tissues and cry
  59. Watch all of the Bond films and all of the Godfather films
  60. Watch Gone With The Wind
  61. Attend a Broadway play
  62. Watch Wicked on the West End
  63. Learn sign language
  64. Study abroad
  65. Read the entire Chronicles of Narnia
  66. Teach someone to read
  67. Fly a kite
  68. Fly in a helicopter
  69.  Go on a safari
  70. Ride a horse
  71. Ride an Elephant
  72. Run a marathon

One thought on “About Me

  1. Awesome list! I don’t know why reading other people’s bucket lists help me get motivated to cross items off mine, but it does! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to read your future posts….I’m a new follower (so glad I found your site :o)

    Liked by 1 person

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