27. Go A Month Without TV

Number 27 on my list is to go a whole month without television.  I managed! I’ll start with a little back story…

So, I used to LOVE watching TV. I mean binge watching like there is no tomorrow. I once watched tens seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in two weeks. Granted I got nothing else done in those two weeks but I accomplished my ‘goal’ to watch all ten seasons.  That right there is the problem: I got nothing else done.

I was addicted: I have no shame. I’m a recovering TV addict!

Somehow I found myself on a plane to Brazil. No TV and no social media for 18 months. Say what??? I thought I was going to die! But I didn’t. I’m here. I managed and I got SO MUCH done.

I honestly thought it would be so difficult but it wasn’t. I sometimes would think about all of those characters on my favourite TV shows. How were they doing? How many seasons had gone by? But these thoughts were only for a few minutes because I had so much more to do. Things which were so much more important. My head got a chance to breath.

I found out that I love to try new things. That I can hold a conversation with any person that I meet. I found out that I like smiling. It looks good on me and a smile can make someone else’s day. Not being able to watch TV wasn’t the only thing that led me to discover these things but it played a huge part. I lived a life without social media. I used to always say that I’m not a people person but my time away from social media and television made me realise that I am. My social interactions were with people. Face to face. I loved it!

Since being back I have obviously gone back to using social media and watching TV but it’s not the same as before. Most of the time I can’t concentrate on more than one TV show.  Watching more than three episodes requires a lot of effort. I like being outside. Even just by myself. I found out that I’m pretty interesting myself. I don’t have to escape my life. Instead I can discover a whole lot more about who I am.


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