Begin Again

So I am finally back! Of course at the top of my priority list is how my yoga practice has suffered whilst I have been away. The past 18 months in Brazil were amazing (more to come on that later) and I changed so much spiritually but the yoga suffered quite a bit.

When I left in 2015, I packed my yoga mat with me and thought nothing would change. My love for yoga didn’t change but my progress came to a stop. I simply did not have the time or the access to a lot of yoga resources. I still practised every morning but I stopped progressing.

Leading me to today. I need to get going again. I need to begin again. To learn yoga again. To progress. In 2015 I was really into a YouTube channel by the name of ‘Yoga with Adriene’. ย Adriene has a wonderful series of videos for her 30 Days of Yoga programme and I think it is just where I need to begin.








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