7 Ways You Can Prepare for General Conference

So the 185th General Conference is fast approaching.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve began to appreciate General Conference more and have tried to get the most out of it. Here are some ways you can prepare for and get the most out of general conference.

1.) Watch the General Women’s Session

The General Women’s Session is a week before General Conference and is a great way to get yourself in the mindset for General Conference the next week. You don’t have to be a woman to watch it. It truly is uplifting and you never know what you might take away from it.

2.) Watch/Read Talks about General Conference 

There are talks out there about the blessings of General Conference and how you can get the most out of it. I find that these talks help clear my mind and give me sense of direction and purpose when it comes to General Conference. A great one that I love is ‘General Conference- No Ordinary Blessing’ by President Uchtdorf.

3.) Pray

This may seem almost too simple and I guess in a way its a no fuss get back to the basics way you can prepare yourself for General Conference. Simply asking Heavenly Father to help you focus and gain as much understanding as you can before each session can help in amazing ways.

4.) Ask Yourself- What Do I Want To Find Out? 

General Conference is a great time for personal revelation. Anything that has been bothering you or anything that you feel needs some answers  could very well be solved during General Conference. Pray for answers to your questions and then listen carefully.

5.) Prepare Refreshments Ahead

If you’re having people over then I suggest you prepare your food and snacks on Friday night so that you’re not rushing around or having to miss bits of the broadcast. If you’re by yourself then the same advice goes so prep all your snacks, drinks and whatever else you fancy so you’re relaxed.

6.) Take Notes

I always have my scriptures handy during a talk (not limited to General Conference) so that I can look up verses mentioned and gain an understanding for myself. I would suggest you also have a notepad and a pen. You should write down whatever the spirit prompts you to. I will however stress that you shouldn’t be too focused on taking down notes, what’s important is that you just listen and understand what’s being said. You can always re-watch the talk or print it off later.

7.) Relax and Enjoy It

It can be easy to get caught up in preparation tips and be too focused on either receiving questions to your answers or taking notes. Do not forget to simply relax and let yourself feel the spirit. General Conference only occurs twice a year so take the time to enjoy it.


I hope you all have a wonderful time this weekend and find the answers you’re seeking. Happy watching and listening!

p.s This image was created by the lovely lovelydesigned.wordpress.com


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